About us

Eu-tròpia, which means good movement and good transformation, is a consulting company in the Human Resources sector. Founded in January 2001, today it is enriched by the contributions of highly professional international partnerships and increasing certification of expertise (leadership, coaching and psychological testing). The team includes consultants from the international sphere, university professors and former company managers, creating an intersection of consultancy competencies to meet all needs for managerial and organizational intervention.

Our principal assets derive from a competent team gifted with passion, strong ethical values, curiosity and an enthusiasm for working together. It is a trans-disciplinary team that enhances their diversity, culturally and in gender and age.

Our work style leads us to take a careful look at the phenomena of organisational evolution and fast changes in the market and society to seek out new models of understanding and to provide personalized interventions in partnership with clients, thereby achieving the success of organizations through the combination of personal well-being and continuous organizational improvement.

We believe that organizational development is attained through enrichment of individual and group competencies, through a continual search for the sense and meaning of work and the redefinition of shared touchstone values.






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